Portable Exhibition: ‚Racial diagnosis: Gypsy’

Parts of the exhibition set up with several large-format panels in a large room.
The transportable exhibition (Photo: Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma)

Lending the Exhibition

On the lending process

Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma
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The portable exhibition on the genocide of the Sinti and Roma and their long struggle for recognition is a further development of the permanent exhibition at the Documentation and Cultural Center in Heidelberg in terms of context and design. The portable exhibition shows the history of persecution: from the exclusion and deprivation of rights of the minority in the German Reich until their systematic extermination in occupied Europe.

In addition, it also deals with the history of the Holocaust survivors, who were only recognized as Nazi victims at a late stage. It was the civil rights movement of the German Sinti and Roma that made the ideological and personal continuities from the time of the ‘Third Reich’ the subject of a social debate. The exhibition ends with an outlook on the human rights situation of Sinti and Roma minorities in Europe after 1989.

Furthermore, a web portal has been created at www.sintiundroma.org that expands the portable exhibition with various videos, photos and documents and is aimed at a broad audience. Educators and teachers are thus provided with the tools to convey the history of the Holocaust against the Sinti and Roma as part of a teaching unit for example.