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Andreas Pflock
Phone: +49 6221 981102

Unfortunately, we do not offer our workshops in English. For guided tours in English, please reach out to us through the listed contact.

Please note: Minimum number of ten people required.

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A visit to the Documentation and Cultural Center offers the opportunity to encounter the history and the present of the Sinti and Roma and allows for an examination of the persecution of this minority during the Nazi era. We would like to engage in conversation with our visitors and thus have devised educational opportunities which encourage a critical historical awareness, an examination of past and present racism, as well as individual contemplation of identity, responsibility and scope of action. Enrolled groups are accompanied by experienced pedagogical staff. They guide the group through the exhibition, answer questions, encourage discussions and guide the group works. Our educational opportunities are free of charge. The same applies to our audio guide, which is available in German, English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

We no longer offer guided tours through the exhibition in the classical sense for students and young people. Starting with year 9, we offer workshops for all types of schools that promote dialogue and exchange and encourage self-determined learning to engage with the exhibition content, to set personal accents, and to reflect critically. Current questions about the dangers of racism and right-wing extremism in our society are also discussed. A particularly important concern for us is to understand the historical memory of the Nazi genocide crimes as a warning in the face of today’s violations of human rights and racist violence.

The encounter with our exhibition is not intended as a substitute for school classes. Rather, it is intended to deepen and concretize knowledge and enable an approach to history differing from school lessons. As preparation for the workshops, basic knowledge of the history of National Socialism and that of the Sinti and Roma minority is recommended.

In addition we offer:

  • Guided tours in our permanent exhibition
  • Workshops and seminar sessions on memorial education
  • Study and project days on the history and persecution of Sinti and Roma as well as Antigypsyism (also possible as part of apprenticeships or further education)
  • Consulting and support for presentations, term papers, equivalent determinations of school performances (German: GFS) and seminar courses
  • Mediation of contemporary historical city explorations in Heidelberg
  • Planning and implementation of teacher training and specialist conferences (also in schools)
  • Supervision of school and university theses
  • Mediation of topic-specific discussion partners and expert speakers
  • Organization and accompaniment of memorial site excursions (e.g. Natzweiler and Auschwitz)
  • Talks on the history and culture of the Sinti and Roma

The exhibition is supplemented by videos with documentaries and testimonies of survivors, which can be accessed individually by visitors within the exhibition. A separate screening room is available for larger groups, where other documentaries on various topics are shown in addition to the exhibition videos.