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Independent research and studying in the form of short- or long-term projects is an essential element of our educational impartation work. Here you will find information on current and completed project work.

Annual Youth commemoration trip „Dikh he na bister“ to Cracow and Auschwitz-Birkenau in remembrance of August 2, 1944

Three people in the foreground stand in front of funeral wreaths and hold hands. In the background is a multitude of other participants in the youth memorial ride.
Minister of State Michael Roth with participants of the youth memorial trip in August 2019 (Photo: Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma/Jakub Krizo)

The International Commemoration Event Dikh he na bister brings together hundreds of young people from all over Europe every year. Young Sinti and Roma as well as non-members of the minority meet up to strengthen the remembrance, recognition and education about the genocide of Sinti and Roma.

Dikh he na bister provides a place for learning about the past and promotes discussion of the role of young people in the commemorative culture of the Holocaust. It allows the participants to jointly experience the entire event in a small, internationally mixed group.

Dikh he na bister was established by the International Roma Youth Network ternYpe and its member and partner organizations in 2010 and is organized together with the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma and in cooperation with the Council of Europe.

The 70th anniversary mobilization on August 2, 2014 essentially contributed to the recognition of August 2 as “European Holocaust Remembrance Day for Sinti and Roma” by the European Parliament in 2015.