Arts and Culture

Dr. Jana Horváthová and Dr. Vladimír Horváth stand next to each other and look into the camera. The picture is black and white.
Dr. Jana Horváthová and Dr. Vladimír Horváth (Photo: Chad Wyatt)

Project Examples

The First Sinti and Roma Cultural Days


André Raatzsch
Phone: +49 6221 981102

The mediation and documentation of the 600-year history of art and culture of the European Sinti and Roma is an outstanding task to which the Documentation and Cultural Center, together with the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, dedicates themselves.

Our cultural-political commitment follows the idea that the national identity as Germans and the cultural identity as Sinti and Roma do not represent a contradiction. The aim of our dedication is a comprehensive cultural dialogue that includes various parties: Creative artists, cultural institutions, cultural policy initiatives as well as the general public. This is comprised of people and institutions from the minority and the majority society, who represent the various cultural sectors.

The dialogue takes place between creative artists of our minority and a broad public, between cultural institutions and cultural-political initiatives and between the various cultural sectors. Exhibitions, concerts, readings, discussions, workshops, meetings as well as awards and tributes allow for an international range of this dialogue.

The promotion of the art and culture of Sinti and Roma also includes the preservation of the minority’s language, the Romani. Romani forms a crucial basis of identity and self-confidence. Traditionally, it is passed on orally in the families as a second mother tongue alongside German and thus constitutes a formative cultural resource for Sinti and Roma.