Consulting is an essential task at the Documentation and Cultural Center (Photo: Documentation Center Archive)


Dr. Dina von Sponeck
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The counseling service at the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma offers nationwide telephone counseling in the areas of compensation, social welfare, asylum law and citizenship law. After the initial conversation and the provision of information, the next step is usually to establish a connection with our national associations or a specialized counseling center. Our own individual counseling is only offered for inquiries from states in which there are no national associations.

The compensation work has historically grown out of the cooperation with the Central Council for German Sinti and Roma. Due to the exceptional expertise in the field of compensation law, which the Central Council for German Sinti and Roma has acquired through decades of work, the professional supervision of compensation work remains with the Central Council, especially with regard to the implementation of the current pending issues of compensation.

Increasingly, the issue of successor generations is also coming to the forefront; thus, the need for counseling for minority members is growing in regards to the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

As a coordinating body for the counseling work in the national associations, the Documentation and Cultural Center regularly holds networking meetings and workshops with the counselors from the national associations. The aim is to coordinate the counseling work and enable interaction at the professional level between the governing body and the national associations.

In addition, we are zealous to expand our offers concerning the anti-discrimination counseling work. Creating a low-threshold and easy access to counseling services, especially for members of the minority, is desperately needed.